Hebräisch-Deutsches Konversationsbuch

I found this German-Hebrew phrasebook printed in Palestine in 1933.


I think the title is interesting.

שיחון עברי–גרמנית

Sichon 3ivri-Germanith. "Sichon" == phrasebook strikes me as being one of Ben Yehuda's invented words based on שיחה "sicha" == complaint, conversation. (This is analogous to Ben Yehuda's מילון "milon" == dictionary based on מילה "mila" == word.)

A useful site to confirm words is biblehub.net with its complete Strong's concordance.



(Is the infinitive לשוחח "lesocheach" == to talk new? I cannot find it in Strong's.)

The booklet really does contain page after page of useful phrases which I find most interesting because it shows how things were said almost 100 years ago and only a few decades since Ben Yehuda re-introduced Hebrew as an everyday language.

The book has a pronunciation chart. Note that Taw is, at that time and for German-speakers still listed as having two pronunciations like Bet, Kaf and Pe. Alef and Ayin are also explained correctly.

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Ashkanazi (German) and Sephardi (Spanish and Israeli) dialects are mentioned and explained:

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As for the content, I have here a few representative pages.

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