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Quick Description

I am a hobby linguist, a hobby historian, a hobby programmer, and a very experienced and dedicated comic book reader. I work as a Windows Server and OpenVMS system administrator and Windows programmer. In my free time I study (mostly ancient) languages and (often ancient) history as well as new and old information technology.

Things About Me

I am funny. I like things that start with a “C", like comic books, chicken sandwiches, computers, cheese, chess, chocolate, comedy, and cornflakes, but not cars so much. I like languages and linguistics. And trains. I like Jewish and English humour. I want to be a professional tiger counter. I am usually kidding. Unless I talk about food.

Favourite food: Lentil soup
Favourite poet: Rudyard Kipling
Favourite ETLA: ETLA

You can see photographs of me here.

You can find a picture of my cartoon penguin Shmulik here.

You can email me at ajbrehm@gmail.com or use the form below.

Updated 2017-07-03

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