VereMolf Rising


A while ago I wrote a few PowerShell scripts that back up my VMware VMs (while they are running or shutting them down, depending on a flag).

I thought for a while that I should write a GUI to control the mechanism as well as binary versions of the backup scripts. The solution is VereMolf, a VMware GUI and backup program.

The problem is that VMware's C# API appears to change very often and I had to start several times. I now have a working prototype that can connect to a VMware host or a vCenter server and display VMs. This was the difficult part. More is to come.


VereMolf's GUI is WPF-based. It might not look even close to the above in the end.



Servers (currently VMware hosts and vCenter servers, planned is support for Hyper-V and XenServer hosts as well) can be added. VereMolf will ask for a user name and password and whether those should be saved. If they have been saved, VereMolf will fill them in automatically.


My vSphere host Cambyses has been added and can now be queried for VMs.



One of the VMs is a vCenter appliance. It can be promoted to the first level to become a server that can be queried.


The vCenter appliance is now officially a host.


And its VMs include both the VMs of other hosts associated with the same vCenter as well as templates which exist on associated VMware hosts but are invisible to the hosts themselves.

Currently VereMolf's GUI cannot do much more. The VM named "VereMolf" in the list is the Windows 10 VM the PowerShell version of VereMolf is currently running on. This C# version will eventually replace the PowerShell version.

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