The Jaffa Orange Syndicate

I ran into this old poster from the 1930s.


I thought it looked familiar. It turns out it's one of the famous posters of of Franz Krausz who created, as I learned, lots of ads for Israel-based products for export and local consumers, creating a new style (most of his posters seem overly dramatic to me) to fit the new Palestinian (Hebrew) culture that was still being created in Israel.

It is interesting that Israelis didn't know much about modern advertising and were not good salespeople but they were, the Wikipedia article says, frugal and didn't pay much for advertising either.

I had never considered this part of the economic aspect of the new culture. All of Krausz' posters are rather colourful. I have to try and find more.

But this poster, behind glass, will look great in my library.

 © Andrew Brehm 2016